Top 5 Technology Companies in India


Technology is the main driver of any economy nowadays. Developing country like India can not progress ahead without technology. There are top 5 technology companies in India, which are contributing well in India’s progress. However, apart from technology many other […]


Technology is the main driver of any economy nowadays. Developing country like India can not progress ahead without technology. There are top 5 technology companies in India, which are contributing well in India’s progress.

However, apart from technology many other sectors are also contributing in India’s economy very well like, agriculture, service, auto, manufacturing etc.

For today we are discussing about top 5 technology companies in India. Therefore, let us focus on this and let us know about them.


Tata Consultacy Services

Tata Consultancy is No. 1 technology company in India. Todays topic about top 5 technology companies, Tata Consultancy is at first spot. It is also a second largest company in India after Reliance Industries.

Various times TCS has become top company market capital wise by surpassing Reliance Industries.

Tata Consultancy Services Limited (TCS) is an Indian multinational information technology (IT) services and consulting company headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. It is a subsidiary of the Tata Group and operates in 149 locations across 46 countries.

TCS is the second largest Indian company by market capitalisation. Tata consultancy services is now placed among the most valuable IT services brands worldwide.

 In 2015, TCS was ranked 64th overall in the Forbes World’s Most Innovative Companies ranking, making it both the highest-ranked IT services company and the top Indian company.

Mkt Capital of this company is ₹1,140,518.


Applicability of Tata Consultancy Services

The applicability of Tata Consultancy Services is spread over various sectors and they are as follows:

Application development and maintenance (43.80%) value;

Asset leverage solutions (2.70%);

Assurance services (7.70%);

Business process outsourcing (12.50%);

Consulting (2.00%);

Engineering and Industrial services (4.60%);

Enterprise solution (15.21%); and

IT infrastructure services (11.50%);

Cognitive Business Operations

Cloud Infrastructure

Automation and Artificial Intelligence

Tata Consultancy Services has 285 offices across 46 countries and 147 delivery centres in 21 countries. TCS had a total of 58 subsidiary companies.


Infosys Technologies

Infosys Limited, is an Indian multinational corporation that provides business consulting, information technology and outsourcing services.

The company is headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. Infosys is the second-largest Indian IT company after Tata Consultancy Services by 2017 revenue figures.

The 596th largest public company in the world based on revenue.

On 05 Jan 2021, its market capitalisation was ₹551,105.

Products & Services

Infosys provides software development, maintenance and independent validation services to companies in finance, insurance, manufacturing and other domains.

Its key products and services are:

NIA – Next Generation Integrated AI Platform (formerly known as Mana)

Infosys Consulting – a global management

consulting service

Infosys Information Platform (IIP) – Analytics platform

Edge Verve Systems which includes Finacle, a global banking platform

Panaya Cloud Suite


Engineering Services.

Digital Marketing


3. Wipro


Wipro Limited is an Indian multinational corporation that provides information technology, consulting and business process services.

It is one of the oldest Indian technology companies, Wipro was incorporated in 1945. 

Today, the company has an employee strength of over 160,000 in 6 continents and it is the first Indian IT company to achieve the ISO 4001 certification in 2002. 

It is headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka, India.

In 2013, Wipro separated its non-IT businesses and formed the privately owned Wipro Enterprises.

Wipro Limited is a provider of IT services, including Systems Integration, Consulting, Information Systems outsourcing, IT-enabled services, and R&D services.

Wipro entered into the technology business in 1981 and has over 160,000 employees and clients across 110 countries.

IT revenues were at $7.1 billion for the year ended 31 March 2015, with a repeat business ratio of over 95%.

Market cap of wipro was  ₹232.214 on 05 Jan 2021.


HCL Technologies

HCL Technologies

HCL Technologies Limited is an Indian multinational information technology (IT) services and consulting company.

Its headquarter is in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India.

It is a subsidiary of HCL Enterprise. Originally a research and development division of HCL.

It emerged as an independent company in 1991 when HCL entered into the software services business.

The company has offices in 44 countries including United Kingdom, United States, France, and Germany.

Company has worldwide network of R&D,”innovation labs” and “delivery centers”, and 147,123 employees and its customers include 250 of the Fortune 500 and 650 of the Global 2,000 companies.

It operates across sectors including aerospace and defense, automotive, banking, capital markets, chemical and process industries, energy and utilities, healthcare, hi-tech, industrial manufacturing, consumer goods, insurance, life sciences, manufacturing, media and entertainment, mining and natural resources, oil and gas, retail, telecom, and travel, transportation, logistics & hospitality.

Wipro’s market cap on 05 Jan 2021, was at ₹269,019.


5. Tech Mahindra

Tech Mahindra

Tech Mahindra Limited is an Indian multinational technology company, providing information technology (IT) and business process outsourcing (BPO) services.

A subsidiary of the Mahindra Group, the company is headquartered in Pune and has its registered office in Mumbai.

As of April 2020, Tech Mahindra is a US$5.2 billion company with 125,236 employees across 90 countries.

The company was ranked #5 in India’s IT firms and overall #47 in Fortune India 500 list for 2019. On 25 June 2013, Tech Mahindra announced the completion of a merger with Mahindra Satyam.

Tech Mahindra has 973 active clients as of April 2020.

Tech Mahindra which is a subsidiary of the Mahindra Group and was founded in 1986.

Tech Mahindra is among the largest providers of Information Technology and offers a range of services including software, maintenance, and engineering design.

The company is a proud employer of over 110,000 technologists operating in over 90 countries. 

Tech Mahindra was ranked among the top in the Fortune India 500 in the Indian IT Industry and globally.

Market cap of company is ₹97,114.


In recent past, India has emerged very powerful country. The world is looking with a ray of hope towards India.

Our beloved country is moving ahead slowly and silently, whereas the world is struggling to survive.

India’s industry is doing well and growing ahead of its peers as compared to other countries.

In this session we have discussed about top 5 technology companies in India.

Our list comprises:

Tata Consultancy Services

Infosys Technologies

HCL Technologies



Tech Mahindra.

These 5 Indian technology companies are our pride and keeping Indian flag high by serving the people around the world.

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