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When 5G will be available in India.

When 5G will be available in India.

What is “G” in Mobile Network?

Nowadays Everybody has a smartphone and knows everything about how to play games, make voice or video calls, and other features of the Mobile.

Have you ever noticed or think about symbols shown near network symbols like H, G, E, 2G, 3G etc.

When 5G will be available in India.

Let Us Know Mobile Network Symbol

G “G” stands for GPRS (General Packet Radio Service). It indicates the slowest speed of internet data transfer in your mobile phone. When you see G near your signal strength indicator, it is certain that your net connection is working at the slowest speed.
GPRS is also considered 2G Network
E “E” stands for EDGE (Enhanced Data Rates for GSM Evolution). It is also called Enhanced GPRS. This technology lies somewhere in between 2G and 3G technology. So, some people refer to it as 2.5G.
3G“3G” means the third generation of mobile telephone technology. It uses the Universal Mobile Telecommunication System and is based on GSM Standards.
3G is faster than EDGE and Websites can be browsed easily with this network.
H“H” stands for HSPA (High-speed Packet Access). It is an enhanced form of 3G technology. HSPA provides higher data transfer rates than the basic 3G. HSPA can provide peak data rates of up to 14 Mbit/s for downlink and 5.76 Mbit/s for up uplink.
When the “H” letter appears near the signal bar, you can browse the internet easily.
H+This is an upgraded version of HSPA. It is faster than basic HSPA. Relatively speedier data transfer in H+ will make your video download or stream much more smoothly. At present, 4G technology is not widely available. So, in most parts of the world, HSPA+ is the fastest speed you can get through mobile internet.
WCDMAWCDMA is also a 3G technology. It stands for Wideband Code Division Multiple Access (WCDMA). Interestingly, this technology is actually used in the GSM systems. WCDMA in GSM increases the data transmission speed by using the air interface of CDMA. International Telecommunications Union has adopted WCDMA.
4G4G is the fourth generation of mobile technology. It is also called LTE (Long Term Evolution). 4G connection works as well as a wi-fi connection of your home or office. With such a connection, you can do everything on your mobile that you can do on your desktop.
5GAnticipating early implementation

And now we are waiting for “5G” and we are anticipating when 5G will be available in India.

5G Launch in India

5G launch in India is highly-anticipated as the country waits for the fifth-generation network to bring faster-than-ever connectivity.

Jio, Airtel, and Vi all have been working towards making the network that can virtually connect everyone and everything together.

The answer to this question is a little tricky. While Jio is slated to launch 5G in India later this year, Airtel believes it may take anywhere between two to three years for the domestic telecom market to mature enough for 5G services.

Additionally, the government hasn’t announced the sale of the 5G spectrum in India yet.

When 5G will be available in India.
5G frequency bands in India

The 5G frequency bands are currently unavailable in India.

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) is hosting 700 MHz to 2,500 MHz auctions in March 2021, but that would be inadequate and adversely impact the 5G rollout in the country, as per Indian telecom operators.

The telcos recommend the spectrum sale of 3,300-3,600MHz, which is envisaged for the 5G network.

Jio 5G plans

Jio 5G launch is slated for H2 2021.

The network will be powered by indigenously developed hardware and technology components.

Airtel 5G plans

Airtel is 5G-ready, but the company is unlikely to launch the network in India in 2021.

The telco conducted India’s first 5G trial with Huawei in Gurgaon back in 2018.

Vi 5G plans

Vi plans to launch 5G as soon as the government auctions spectrum.

The company has upgraded its 4G network with 5G architecture.

BSNL 5G plans

BSNL announced its plan to build a 5G corridor in Delhi in 2019.

However, there hasn’t been any update since then.


Besides faster speeds, 5G offers low latency and a more stable network across connections.

It is said to offer download speeds of up to 1Gbps, which is at least 100 times the existing data speeds.

It will allow users to download even HD versions in seconds.

Let us have best hope when 5G will be available in India.

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